ekologia a izolacja natryskowa

Increasingly we hear more about the need for saving and protecting our environment. Many of us agree with these calls to action, yet we feel that too often this noble agenda is reduced to a slogan or becomes hijacked as part of corporate marketing gimmickry. As a result consumers often distrust and take those claims with a grain of salt.

We choose not to merely reiterate the calls for living in harmony with our natural environment. Instead we’ve gone straight to execution – manufacturing building insulation designated by zero off-gassing and safety to occupants and the environment. We proved that manufacturing green is morally sound and can be more profitable.

The developed nations currently oversee trending rising health and environmental standards. Many conduct legislative efforts globally. In Europe for example those actions effect all levels including manufacturing, professional installers, construction managers and engineers.

Globally we are moving away from harmful substances which present risk to our health or the environment.

LALLAFOM USA insulation products are made in the U.S. where much of the needed controls are already in place. We either meet or exceed the higher standards adopted by the U.S. and many of the European countries.