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LALLAFOM USA® – Environmentally Responsible Spray Foam Insulation and Protective Coatings

LALLAFOM USA® combines over 30 years of spray polyurethane foam industry experience and scientific accomplishments with the accelerating technology in our pursuit of innovative home and building insulation. Our spray foam and protective coatings are designed to meet the complexity of challenges and the global market expectations within residential and commercial insulation. Our mission focuses on:

  • healthy and comfortable living
  • real and substantial energy savings
  • preserving natural environment
  • reducing reliance on natural resources
  • contributing to overall energy independence

Our focus remains in the area of polyurethane insulation research and development.

We provide higher recyclable content which includes resins from sugarcane and corn. We use only water and most environmentally friendly blowing agents. Our chemistry makes a difference. Our insulation guarantees clean air and safety for homes, public spaces and environment.

Our polyurethane systems are made in the USA and have been recognized for their energy efficiency and high renewable content.

We offer a complete line of thermal, waterproofing, acoustic and air-seal insulation systems for building, construction and other types of specialty applications.

Our seamless, watertight and low maintenance roofing system has become the industry standard for long term and sustainable roofing solution.

LALLAFOM USA® is your best choice for residential and commercial insulation. More

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